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January 8, 2015
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Inspection Program for Rental Homes is Approved in SLO
Extreme Helicoptering: Now Parents go with Kids to College
Liquor Control Partners with Four Universities: Town-Gown Pilot Program Aims to Prevent Underage Drinking
Earn Your Certificate in Town-Gown Relations at the 2015 ITGA Conference in Washington, DC
Student-Housing Changes in the Twin Cities Mirror Trends Elsewhere
Long a College Town, Worcester Now Looks the Part
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Inspection Program for Rental Homes is Approved in SLO
The Tribune, by Annmarie Cornejo
A split San Luis Obispo City Council voted 3-2 on Tues- day to pursue a rental housing inspection program after hours of public testimony, mostly against it. Under the new program, which could take more than a year to implement, people who own rental homes in San Luis Obispo would be subjected to routine city inspections of their properties to make sure they are conforming to health and safety standards. "I wasn't too concerned about the program until I came upon the notion of interior inspections," said  Victor Montgomery, who owns property in San Luis Obispo. "That  is just off the charts. I can't picture a government agency going into my home and doing an interior inspection. I have real fundamental issues about how this could be workable. It seems to be very discriminatory against a certain class of people." Mayor Jan Marx said Wednesday that there are many cities in the state that have rental inspection programs. Residents in support of the program spoke of deteriorating neighborhoods where landlords do little to upkeep their properties.  The program's intent would be to curb blight and unsafe living conditions. 
Extreme Helicoptering: Now Parents go with Kids to College 
The Denver Post, by Leanne Italie
Lori Osterberg and her husband are lifelong Denver folk, but they got restless and intended to relocate for ad-venture's sake once their only child left for college. Rather than following the sun down to Mexico, they followed their daughter to Portland, Oregon, where she is a sophomore. While still taking long weekends and other trips to Canada and California, the couple bought an apartment near campus that all three share. Sometimes scoffed at as the ultimate in helicopter parenting, Osterberg and other see only benefits in relocating or buying a second home to be close to their college kids. The father, a computer programmer, and mother, a budding restaurateur, settled on a 1,600-square-foot ranch-style house near campus.  A surprising twist for Roslyn Levy, a Coldwell agent in Gainesville, Fla., was parents making the move there first, followed by their kids transferring later to the nearly 50,000-student University of Florida or Santa Fe College, a feeder.  
Liquor Control Partners with Four Universities: Town-Gown Pilot Program Aims to Prevent Underage Drinking
Town-Gown Nation News
Berks-Mont News, by PLCB Staffwriters
The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board announced a pilot program with Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Kutztown University, West Chester University, Alvernia College and Caron Treatment Centers to develop a Town-Gown Pilot Project aimed at preventing underage and dangerous drinking on college campuses and in the surrounding communities. "As a regulator of beverage alcohol in Pennsylvania, we are keenly aware of the negative impact that irresponsible  and underage drinking can have on the health  and safety of local communities, particularly 'college towns,'" said Joseph E. Brion, PLCB chairman. "Over the years, the agency has worked with local municipalities and colleges/universities to address some of those issues. ...We also partnered with the Borough of State College in addressing the annual 'State Patty's Day' event. This pilot project takes our involvement one step further. Our goal is to create a comprehensive plan that all universities in the state could use to positively impact student alcohol consumption."  
Earn Your Certificate in Town-Gown Relations at the 
2015 ITGA Conference in Washington, DC   
The Certificate in Town-Gown Relations was designed to help university and community stakeholders coopera-tively address challenging issues, such as off-campus student housing, engaging campus-community stake- holders, local budget cuts, public safety, and more. Over 100 graduates in the U.S. and abroad have taken advantage of this opportunity. Read what grad- uates are saying about the program by clicking here. To view content/instructor bios or register, click here
Student-Housing Changes in the Twin Cities Mirror Trends Elsewhere, by Bill Lindeke
It's a bit jarring to walk around University of Minnesota campus these days. Huge new apartment buildings are popping up like gophers out of their holes. Many of these new apartment buildings offer amenities like granite countertops or community rooms that might seem odd to people who remember the spartan housing of their college years. But, they're part of a trend toward newer high-end "luxury" student housing that is indeed a far cry from the "Animal House" image of students living in squalor. For many students, the rise of these new apartments is a long-awaited sign of progress. Chris Iverson, who graduates from the University of Minnesota this semester, was one of the people curious about how these five-and six-story buildings would impact neighborhoods around the U. He found that the recent apartment construction might have lowered prices for students living in more traditional duplex-style homes. According to Iverson, rental properties that have traditionally been seen as "cash cows" for university-area landlords might be less valuable, and forced to compete with the new buildings.   
Long a College Town, Worcester Now Looks the Part
New York Times, by Keith Schneider
Although College of the Holy Cross  was founded here in 1843, and eight other prominent institutions of higher learning followed, it has taken most of the last two centuries for this sizable New England city to consider itself a college town. It does now. From one end of the city's 245-acre central core to the other, Worcester is attending to the 35,000 college students who study and live here, and its primary boulevards are steadily filling up with the civic amenities that attract new residents. They include a busy public transit hub, comfortable and affordable housing, new restaurants and watering holes, computer stores and coffee shops, a performing arts theatre, biotech research facilities, incubators and office space for start-up companies, and renovated parks-including one alongside City Hall with an ice rink larger than one in Rockefeller Center. The newest project in Worcester's revitalization portfolio is CitySquare, a $565 million, 12-acre mixed-use development just east of City Hall. It replaces a two-story, one-million-square-foot downtown shopping mall that took up almost 10 percent of Worcester's central business district.      
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