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April 30, 2015
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Le Binge Drinking. Quel Problème!
Healthy Alcohol Marketplace, by Staff Writers
We still hear references to the myth that Europe has fewer regulations on alcohol and therefore fewer problems than the US, but binge drinking has taken a firm foothold in France. Once thought to be only a problem of the drinking cultures of the US and the UK, France has seen an increase in younger drinkers consuming large amounts of alcohol quickly, just for the purpose of getting intoxicated. So much so that the government com-mission that limits foreign words in the French language, officially chose to replace "le binge drinking" with the more French "beuverie express"-literally "fast drinking." Numerous news stories about young people ending up in emergency rooms after drinking too much, falling into canals, and dealing with the kind of drunken violence seen in the UK, Australia and the US, led the French Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, to propose laws that could lead to fines as high as 15,000 euros and jail time for people who incite binge drinking among young people. 
New Chancellor Says UM-Flint Committed to City Revitalization  
MLive/Flint, Guest Colum by Susan E. Borrego, Ph.D.
This past weekend, I was humbled to see so many from the Flint community join the hundreds of university faculty, staff, and students at my inauguration as the seventh chancellor of the University of Michigan-Flint. UM-Flint is dedicated to education, to opening books and opening doors for our students. On campus, we push each one of our students to reach their full potential to learn, grow, build careers, and choose a future. Each student is given the opportunity to work alongside our talented faculty, participate in groundbreaking research and learn from leaders in their respective fields. As the chancellor of the University of Michigan-Flint, it is my commitment to ensure that the university is an active partner in the community. There is already great work being done to help bring Flint back. We have a great opportunity to bring the change we want to Flint. Our students know the transformative power of education. Our next step is to show the transformative impact that UM-Flint can and will have on creating a better future for the entire community. We are ready.  
College Park, UMD Officials Present Plan to Create Innovation District
 The Diamondback, by Eleanor Mueller
The university's former East Campus is set to morph into an innovation district that aims to integrate the city with the university to create an environment that in-spires creativity. Created by the university and various consultants, the proposal looks to revamp land on both sides of Route 1 near Ritchie Coliseum into a mixture of market-rate apartments, university housing, retail, of-fices and laboratory buildings. "The university [has been] trying to distri-bute those amenities throughout the city, but this area was essentially excluded," said Carlo Colella, the university's administration and finance vice president. The area development would also include renovating bike and pedestrian pathways to encourage greater community connectivity. The idea is to create an environment that fosters creativity by allowing faculty, students and residents to interact freely, Gross said. 
Let's Keep the Positive Town-Gown Momentum Going  
Gazettenet, by John Musante & Kumble Subbaswamy
In 2013, when Amherst Town Meeting agreed to match the University of Massachusetts Amherst's commitment of $30,000 for a consultant to aid in the development of a shared economic development and housing vision, an historic process was begun. This collaborative effort marked the first time the campus and the town thoughtfully considered each other in the planning and growth of their physical spaces. The town Gown Steering Committee, which was created to guide the process embarked upon at the town meeting, has established a framework for addressing join housing and economic devel-opment opportunities for the university and the town. The committee's practical recommendations are drawn from the economic development and housing action plan developed by the consulting firm U3 Advisors and their associates, the Cecil Group and the Corneil Collaborative. Their detailed work, as well as an accompanying report, can be found here
Inaugural Kite Festival Takes off in College Station, by Emily Wilkins
On Sunday, the sky over College Station was filled with pirate ships, sharks and the doodles of 5-year-old Dana Almasoud as part of the city's first Kite Fest. The event, which attracted about 500 people Sunday, was the brainchild of a class of Texas A&M students. "We knew other big college towns had kite fests," said Ashley Patty, a marketing junior and the event's marketing head. "Everyone likes flying kites. It's a lost pastime." The event came together during two semesters. In the fall, students in a recreation parks and tourism sciences class came up with eight ideas for an event, which were then pitched to Gerry Logan, special events supervisor with College Station Parks and Recreation. The idea for the kite festival stood out. The event, while free, raised money through food and drink sales for Scotty's House, a local charity providing child advocacy services for abused kids and their families in the Brazos Valley.  
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