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September 11, 2014
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Getting it Right-A Community Approach: A National Context
Amherst Town Manager Encouraged by Scope of U3Advisors Work Looking at Housing, Economic Development
Do You Live by the River? New Website for London Students
McGinty Talks Student Affairs Plans
Apartment Complexes' Private Shuttles Threatening Public Transportation
Waterloo Students Get All the Comforts of Home
Getting it Right-A Community Approach: A National Context 
National Community Conference, by Staff Writers
The Conference "Getting It Right-A Community Ap- proach: A National Context" will be a two day national event held in Manchester, England, Nov 18-19, 2014, with a view to sharing best practice in relation to off campus activity within the context of the HEI sector. The format will follow on from the Reading Conference held in 2013. 
This conference will bring together colleagues from universities, local councils and students' unions to examine the latest trends in university and community engagement and provide an opportunity to share best practice with those working in the field. The conference will build on the discussions held last year to determine how key players are 'getting it right' from both a national and international perspective. Sessions will be held to share unique ways to respond to the impacts on housing and neighbourhoods where students have a strong presence. We will discuss how universities, local authorities, residents and other agencies are working together to overcome challenges and ensure that communities benefit from and value their universities. Click here to view guest speakers from the UK/USA and the conference program. For registration details, click here
Amherst Town Manager Encouraged by Scope of U3Advisors Work Looking at Housing, Economic Development   
Mass Live, by Diane Lederman
Town Manager John P. Musante said he is looking for- ward to what the consultants said the Town-Gown Steering Committee recommends to the town and the university. The committee is meeting Thursday to talk about the preliminary recommendations made by con- sultants to address town gown housing and economic issues last month. This is the first chance the committee will have to discuss the recommendations. U3Advisors made a series of initial recommendations and is expected to present its final report later this month. Since then, the committee has been accepting comments and will allow the public time to voice opinions as well. 
The Philadelphia company in partnership with Corneil Collaborative and The Cecil Group recommended hiring an economic development director, creating more housing and affordable commercial space to promote start-ups and building mixed housing and retail on the land owned by UMass in a public-private partnership. 
"I'm encouraged by the scope of what U3 (has presented,)" Musante said. He is looking forward to the action steps to meet the goals the consultants will recommend to the committee. 
Do You Live by the River? New Website for London Students
London Community News, by Craig Gilbert
The internet wouldn't be so pesky if it were all in one place. This is what the City of London and the leaders of the tens of thousands of students about to descend on it have decided. They spent the summer working alongside ATMOS Marketing to build a new one-stop-shop website for students, especially those new to London. 
Your London splits a full courseload of useful information into six categories: settling in, getting around, getting involved, earning money, having fun and a "bucket list of activities" to try while in town. 
"Students were telling us there's a lot of good information out there, but it's just in too many places," city bylaw manager Orest Katolyk said at a press conference in Ivey Park Thursday
Creating the website was a recommendation of the city's Town and Gown committee. It was a joint project of the city, the Fanshawe College Student Union and the Western University Students' Council (USC). Alan Bushell, union vice-president at Fanshawe responsible for residence life and athletics, liked what he saw as students worked with the city administration to create content for the website. "I have friends who are new to the city who think it's fantastic." 
McGinty Talks Student Affairs Plans
 The Daily Targum, by Sabrina Szteinbaum
McGinty, the vice chancellor of Student Affairs at Rutgers, highlighted some of the goals for the coming year, beginning with speaking about off-campus housing and safety. Rutgers University Student Assembly cited Ohio State University's off-campus program as a model for what Rutgers might be able to do, McGinty said. At Ohio State, the University has a real partnership with the landlords in Columbus, who commit to keeping their properties safe. She also said at Ohio State, the University helps guide students to safe living spaces. They give out window alarms and someone walks through the neighborhoods on foot to report anything that needs to be fixed. 
Three weeks ago, members of Student Affairs, RUPD and the Rutgers community traveled to Ohio State to take an in-depth look at their program, and later this fall McGinty said a small team from Ohio State will come to Rutgers to explain more about it. 
Another goal for Student Affairs is to work on the issue of sexual assault and sexual violence on campus. "This is something that happens all across the country, Rutgers is not an aberration, this happens everywhere," she said. "But the fact that this happens is a problem, and we want it to stop." She talked about the climate survey that Rutgers will be piloting this fall, as per request by the White House. The survey will be helpful to the University in helping them respond to student's needs surrounding sexual assault and violence and will hopefully make Rutgers a model for the entire country.     
Apartment Complexes' Private Shuttles Threatening Public Transportation 
Flagpole, by Matthew Pulver
Apartment complexes' private shuttles that have multi- plied over the last several years might be costing every-
one money. Their residents, Athens Transit riders, taxi companies and their customers and even independently mobile taxpayers all stand to lose from the proliferation of the shuttles. But, as is often the case, low-income Athenians stand to lose the most, as well-heeled Uni- versity of Georgia students opt out of public transit in favor of trendier transportation. Butch McDuffie, director of Athens Transit, counts at least 13 complexes now offering private shuttles to their residents. He finds that the explosion in downtown student apartments has forced outlying complexes to offer the shuttles to compete with their new campus-proximate counterparts, like 909 Broad and The Standard. This is after Athens Transit worked hard to facilitate famous-bound transit for student residents in complexes like Abbey West and The Connection. 
The weekend "drunk bus" service is popular, as well. Patel says she sometimes uses it, and Sandra Jones, a shuttle driver, reports that theFriday-and Saturday-night service is very popular with residents, with shuttles sometimes full. 
McDuffie says that Athens Transit couldn't compete once shuttle fever gripped the apartment market. "Last year, we documented a loss of ridership of 35-45,000 trips over the year," says McDuffie. "We were competing for the same rider." 
Waterloo Students Get All the Comforts of Home
The Star, by Susan Pigg
Robin Seergobin's carefully kept red-brick home is an island of calm in the midst of a coming tsunami of student housing. A year ago the last of his long-time neighbours cashed out and moved on after many knocks on their doors from developers looking to buy their land. Shortly after that, the bulldozers and the backhoes arrived.  
Now, 20 feet of the Seergobin's two-storey home in this city's Northdale neighbourhood towers the shell of a six-storey private-sector built student condominium residence under construction. Across the street from their front door is the reason this residential pocket of Waterloo looks like a strange microcosm of Toronto's downtown building boom: Stretching into the sky is the metal skeleton of Wilfred Laurier University's $103 million Global Innovation Exchange, due to open in the fall of 2015. 
Over the last five or so years, private-sector developers have largely taken over a role once dominated by public-sector post-secondary institutions: They have built about 20,000 beds of student housing on the fringes of university and college campuses right across Canada. A stunning half of all that housing-about 10,000 beds-has been in Waterloo, with another 4,000 beds planned or already under construction within easy reach of Laurier, the University of Waterloo and Conestoga College. 
According to ROCK Apartment Advisor Derek Lobo, there are 1 million post-secondary students in Canada, about half, he estimates, need housing. Some 100,000 post-secondary students come from overseas. 
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