ITGA 2015 Conference

The ITGA 2015 Conference, hosted by GW, will convene in Washington DC May 31-June 3. 

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Keynote Speaker: Tina Tchen

The keynote speaker for the ITGA 2015 Conference is Tina Tchen, Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the First Lady Michelle Obama.  

Ms. Tchen will address sexual assaults on college campuses through the "It's On Us" sexual assault awareness and prevention campaign launched by the White House. 

Member Spotlight

The City of Oxford, Ohio and Miami University joined the ITGA in the spring of 2015. As new members, we were excited to learn from other communities, attend the annual conference, and find new ways to support our team approach to town gown issues. In the fall of 2014, Miami University assembled a Task Force to examine issues related to high risk alcohol use. The report offered many recommendations on this important topic. The most salient of these was the recommendation for an ongoing and meaningful relationship between Miami University and the city of Oxford. 

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